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  • Message From Nam (used book)
    An audacious--and ill-conceived--departure from her usual glitzy settings, Steel's ( Daddy ; Star ) 25th novel focuses on the Vietnam War, though it merely skims the surface of that turbulent era. In an attempt at seriousness, Steel awkwardly shoehorns in a veritable almanac of historical fac..
    $6.00 Ex Tax: $6.00
  • Montserrat Caballe (used book)
    The legendary Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe is known for her beautiful and distinctive tone, her flawless vocal technique, the leading roles she has undertaken--and for her tendency to cancel her engagements. Here, according to two very respectful admirers, is the scoop on everything from he..
    $5.00 Ex Tax: $5.00
  • Mr Philips (used book)
    John Lanchester (Author) Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: SOS Free Stock (September 30, 2000) Language: English ISBN-10: 0571204945 ISBN-13: 978-0571204946 ..
    $7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (used book)
    Aficionados of cliches and stereotypes will derive extraordinary pleasure from practically every page of this formulaic potboiler from the bestselling Sheldon. As the novel opens, Dr. Paige Taylor is on trial for the mercy killing of a patient (Did she off the guy for his fortune?); the action th..
    $7.70 Ex Tax: $7.70
  • Papillon (used book)
    Henri Charriere (Author) Paperback: 560 pages Publisher: Harper Collins Language: English ..
    $6.00 Ex Tax: $6.00
  • Paths Of Glory (used book)
    A real-life mountaineering mystery serves as the springboard for bestseller Archer's abysmal latest. The plot begins promisingly with the body of mountaineer George Mallory discovered on the slopes of Mt. Everest in 1999, possibly having been the first man to have reached the summit. But hope..
    $9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00
  • Paula Spencer (used book)
    The heroine of Doyle's 1996 bestseller, The Woman Who Walked into Doors, returns long widowed (abusive husband Charlo having been killed fleeing the Irish police) and four months sober. Those absences and old relationships mark the year we follow in Paula's new life: she worries that her ..
    $7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50
  • Porno (used book)
    Porno, Irvine Welsh's highly entertaining--though completely unnecessary--sequel to his cult classic, Trainspotting, reunites the gang as they pursue another big-payoff scheme. It's been 10 years since Mark Renton walked away with the cash from a drug sale perpetrated by himself and his m..
    $7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50
  • Rework (Ignore this book at your own peril _ Seth Godin)
    This book will make you uncomfortable. Depending on what you do all day, it might make you extremely uncomfortable. That's a very good thing, because you deserve it. We all do. Jason and David have broken all the rules and won. Again and again they've demonstrated that the reg..
    $19.80 $22.00 Ex Tax: $19.80
  • Shanghai Baby (used book)
    Although it caused an uproar in the author's native China, Western readers will find 27-year-old Wei Hui's semiautobiographical offering reminiscent of fiction by the brat pack writers of the '80s, though more clich‚d and less edgy. Waitress Nikki "but my friends call me Co..
    $7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50
  • Sixteen Shades of Crazy (used book)
    Praise for Sixteen Shades of Crazy: 'Trezise opens up the lives of her characters with surgical skill, making you wince as well as laugh.' THE WESTERN MAIL 'We in the know have come to expect brilliance from Rachel Trezise, and Sixteen Shades of Crazy doesn't disappoint. This is a..
    $6.00 Ex Tax: $6.00
  • So Much For That (used book)
    A risk taker with a protean imagination, Shriver (The Post-Birthday World) has produced another dazzling, provocative novel, a witty and timely exploration of the failure of our health-care system. Shep Knacker's long-cherished plan to use the million dollars from the sale of his handyman bus..
    $8.50 Ex Tax: $8.50

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